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Friends And Alumni of Rutgers University-Camden Athletics
The purpose of The Raptor Club is to maintain family connections with former student-athletes, invest in the continued growth of collegiate athletics and to provide financial support to the Athletic Department above the operating budget. Any tax-deductible donation will assist our teams toward obtaining their goals of winning the New Jersey Athletic Conference title and having a chance to be able to compete in future NCAA tournaments.

Participating in intercollegiate athletics teaches student-athletes many qualities that compliment their outside pursuits. These qualities include integrity perseverance, honor, courage. pride and loyalty. These characteristics make a student-athlete a special person, especially a Division III student-athlete. Students practice and compete for the love of their sport, the need to play comes from deep within their hearts, and they play for themselves, their parents and sometimes for the few people in the stands. They also play for those who have paved the way, our alumni.

Athletics can play an intregal role in a college student's life. At Rutgers-Camden we want to embrace the role of the student-athlete in many ways. Rutgers University is a member of the Association of American Universities and as a member of this prestigious group Rutgers has earned an excellent academic reputation. In the realm of athletics we want our program to also carry that reputation. In order to reach that goal we want to strengthen our partnership with our alumni, families and friends. This support can come in many different forms. The Raptor Club will serve as the avenue that you can become directly involved with our department.

As we embark on this exciting adventure we have established some goals to accomplish.

The goals are:

* Reconnection of our athletic alumni through various planned events,

* Continue the Hall of Fame

* Facility renovations,

* Upgrade the fitness equipment (i.e. treadmills, free weights, and nautilus).

By joining The Raptor Club you can be an intregal part in helping the athletic department reach their goals. This is also an opportunity to learn more about the current Scarlet Raptors. The current staff and student-athletes at Rutgers University Camden are extremely proud of their "Pioneer" Predecessors. You have enabled us to do what we love.

Visit us at to meet the current staff.

Jeffrey Dean
Director of Athletics

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