The Athletic Program at Rutgers-Camden supports the mission of the campus and the University by teaching students to work individually and collaboratively to accomplish goals, to conduct themselves with integrity, and to compete with passion and sportsmanship while developing a commitment to academic excellence and service to the community. 

As a Division III program we are committed to an environment in which a student athlete’s athletic activities exist as a integral part of her/his educational experience. The academic success of our student athletes and their preparation for employment and/or further study is an integral aspect of our mission.

Consonant with the goals of the campus and the University, the Athletic Program at Rutgers-Camden is committed to personal fulfillment, a respect and appreciation for diversity, and excellence. To achieve these goals the athletic program provides equitable opportunities and institutional supports for students and student-athletes, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation, to achieve his/her highest athletic and intellectual potential while maintaining her/his health and well being.

The common goal among the Rutgers-Camden athletic administrators, coaching staff, and student athletes is to reflect the values of the University by achieving excellence through athletic training and competition while abiding by the standards of the NCAA, good sportsmanship and ethical conduct.    

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